Theory / Conversations

What is the state of the complex (mis) relationship between art and discourse in contemporary debates? To what extent are philosophical, theoretical, and speculative discourses “exhibited” in artworks? How can the relationship between artwork and discourse be conceived beyond instrumentalization and illustration? Such questions mark the starting point of a series of conversations that began in 2009 parallel to the exhibition and research project of the Burger Collection.

The first exhibition catalog Conflicting Tales included conversations with several European art historians and theorists: Manuela Ammer, Berni Doessegger, Michael Gnehm, Catrin Misselhorn, Stefan Neuner, Beate Söntgen, Frédéric Wecker, and Giovanna Zapperi.
Here we present the continuation of this series, with conversations and statements by art historians and theorists published online.

Daniel Kurjakovic / Seraina Renz