Exhibition Concept

Conflicting Tales: Subjectivity

Scenes of conflict and antagonism, scenes of disagreement and discord are motifs for the opening exhibition of the Burger Collection. With this premise, Conflicting Tales engages with subjectivity, not an interior view, but an engagement with the field of tension that opens between the individual and society. Consciousness is posited as a problematic: how does the individual deal with societal ideas, rules, and models? Through what decisions does the individual arrive at the position that he or she ultimately takes vis-à-vis the others? When and why is the individual absorbed in society, and when does he or she resist the social outside? Works by more than 35 contemporary artists in the Burger Collection create an environment wherein these questions can be raised. It is the assumption in such a project that where it is difficult to prove moral, political and historical influences on subjectivity, aesthetic experience can become significant. The relationship between the exhibition Conflicting Tales: Subjectivity and the aesthetic discourse of subjectivity is not illustrative; subjectivity is not the “subject” of the exhibition, but rather serves as a leading point orientation. The works from the Burger Collection are placed as these objects or, rather obstacles against which notions of subjectivity can be worked out.

Daniel Kurjaković, Curator / Head of Program